Sunday, August 28, 2011

Anna Hazare breaks fast after 288 hours

A historic Parliament debate regarding anti-corruption legislation that ended with the broad acceptance of key demands of the social reformer.

Both houses of Parliament Saturday adopted a 'sense of the House' on Anna Hazare’s three conditions for an effective Lokpal bill as establishment of Lok Ayuktas in the states, a Citizen’s Charter, and inclusion of the lower bureaucracy in the Lokpal bill.

After 12 days fight, Anna Hazare is poised to end his fast. Anna responded by announcing that he will break his fast at 10am today. “But the battle is only half-won,” he said.

It's really a great achievement for the common citizen and a land mark for the country that a 74-year-old Hazare began his fast for a strong bill to have a Lokpal institution to tackle pervasive corruption and some how he succeed in this field. 

May God give patience and that spirit to all our citizen to go against corruption.

Jai Hind........


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