Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dr. Jyoti Panigrahi, the new chairperson of Odisha Women's commission

Dr. Jyoti Panigrahi has been appointed as the fifth Chairman of the State Women's Commission. Chairperson Smt Panigrahi is a Retired professor and a resident of Balangir.

It’s really a strange thing that , this post was vacant since February. There have 8,000 cases are pending on SCW, related to women violence. It will take more time to solve these cases.

The main objective of CSW is to provide proper justice to the tortured and harassed women and provide proper counselling to them.“The commission will also organize camp courts to provide justice to women in rural areas and take immediate steps to stop women atrocities, mainly domestic violence and pornographic CD rackets”, Panigrahi said.


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