Friday, September 18, 2009

Malutrition & Follow Up Action by the Government

Malnutrition amongst women is one of the prime causes of low birth-weight babies and poor growth. Low birth weight is a significant contributor to infant mortality.

Moreover, low birth-weight babies who survive are likely to suffer growth retardation and illness throughout their childhood, adolescence and into adulthood, and growth-retarded adult women are likely to carry on the vicious cycle of malnutrition by giving birth to low birth-weight babies.

Malnutrition in India continues to be at a high level with 42.5% children below the age being underweight and almost 70% being anemic. 22% children are born with low birth weight.

The ICDS programme is one of the largest national development programmes in the world. It reaches more than 34 million children aged 0-6 years and 7 million pregnant and nursing mothers. The government of India intends to universalize ICDS in the near future.

Activities of Food & Nutrition Board include:

  • Nutrition Education and Training, both for the masses and for ICDS functionaries
  • Training in Home Scale Preservation of Fruits and Vegetables and Nutrition
  • Development, production and distribution of nutrition education/training material
  • Development and Promotion of locally available Nutritious Foods
  • Mass Nutrition Awareness Campaigns
  • Food Analysis and Standardization
  • Follow up action on National Nutrition Policy

Follow Up Action on National Nutrition Policy

1. Health and Family Welfare,Food and Public Distribution Department has played a main role for re imposing ban on sale of non-iodized salt

2. Provide fortifying wheat flour with iron and folic acid and distribution through PDS

3. Elementary Education and Literacy training by Nutritionist at the district level

4. The Food & Nutrition Board organize five-day Training of Trainers (TOT) courses for orienting CDPOs, medical officers, senior supervisors, LHVs etc on various aspects of nutrition. These master trainers in turn organize two-day Orientation Training Courses for the grassroot level functionaries particularly of ICDS and health besides volunteers from the community.

5. Five-day training course in Home Scale Preservation of Fruits and Vegetables and Nutrition is organized for housewives and adolescent girls (Kisori Balika Training) to promote consumption of fruits and vegetables. This also serves as an income generation activity for the participants.

6. The staffs inspects 11/6 anganwadies per month for supplementary feeding as well as nutrition and health education components and provide nutrition information to the AWW and community.


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