Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Various factors leads to Rural-Urban Migration

Large groups of landless, unskilled, illiterate laborers and petty farmers leave their villages and go to urban area for searching employment & they feel that village might be fail to provide adequate services to them.

According to the figures provided by the Indian social institute, there have minimum16.4 million people displaced due to dams, 2.55 million for mines, 1.25 million for industrial development and 0.6million are due to wild life sanctuaries and national parks.

The UN says that if urban migration continues at the present rate, then 46% of the total population, 634 million people will be in urban regions of India by 2030.

Acoording to UN source, 43.8% of total population moved due to marriage, 21.0% with their households, 14.7% due to work & employment.

By 2050, in every 45 people in the world would have been displaced by climate change by 2050, according to UNO Experts.

Causes of migration

  1. Income maximization
  2. Inequalities in the available social & economic opportunities
  3. Less employment opportunity
  4. Social conflicts and social tension
  5. Gap in civilization/culture
  6. Law and order situation

The effective steps should taken by Government to reduce rural-urban migration

  1. Tribal development programme
  2. Rural landless employment schemes
  3. Small farmers development programmes
  4. Village development & community development programmes
  5. Rural development
  6. Develop programmes related to Women empowerment
  7. Food for work programme
  8. Training to rural youth for self development
  9. Hill area & draught area development programme


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