Friday, August 14, 2009

An Anganwadi worker was paraded naked by the sarpanch at Kendrapada Dist. in "Odisha"

At Nadiabarei village in the Patakura Police station area at Kendrapada district, a 35 year old Anganwadi worker was beaten and paraded naked by the sarpanch, Bibhuti Parida because the Anganwadi Worker refused to gave rice, dal and baby foods to him.

It’s very ridiculous that how the common people remained silence and enjoyed the reality show when a women paraded naked within the entire village.

In our society no one have the right to go beyond the law and regulations but some people with political & money power always challenge the existing system. Where we are going to celebrate August 15 as the Independence Day in India, this national festival is how much good to celebrate with great enthusiasm where our poor people, women and children are suffering every part of their life everywhere.

Source: Times of India


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