Friday, July 10, 2009

Development in Psychology

Like the growth of an individual the development of an individual is essential. With the development of an individual mentally & physically one can live a better life.

Development of an organism starts from her/his family. When a organ born & grows up she/he learn many things from her/his family & the develop accordingly.

Meaning of Development

1. Development means become more mature & begin to exist.

2. Development means progress

3. It is a process which has continued before birth to death of a human being

4. Development depends upon maturation & learning

5. It is functional

6. Its universal & similar for all

Dimensions of Development

1. Cognitive development

2. Emotional development

3. Social development

4. Moral development

Cognitive development

Cognition means mental process of an individual. Act of acquire more knowledge is called cognition.

Process of Cognitive development:

1. Intelligence

2. Behaviour

3. Scheme(plan)

4. Equilibrium

Stages of Cognitive development

  1. Sensorimotor stage
  2. Preoperational stage
  3. Concrete operational stage
  4. Formal operational stage

Emotional development

Emotion related to one’s feelings, may be positive or negative in nature.

Stages of Emotional development:

1. Infant age

2. Toddlers

3. Preschool age

4. Children

5. Adolescents

Social development

Though acceptance of three processes one can adopt the society.

1. Accommodation

2. Assimilation

3. Socialisation

Moral development

The morality word is derived from the Latin word”Mario”, which means Manner. It’s based on

  1. Immoral behaviour
  2. Unmoral behaviour


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