Sunday, May 31, 2009

World No Tobacco Day 2009

In the twentieth century tobacco epidemic killed 100 Million people worldwide. Tobacco use is a risk factor for six of the eight leading causes of death in the whole world.

Smoking is the second leading cause of Cancer death and compared to nonsmokers smokers are developing 13 times more lung cancer. Smoking causes more than 90% of lung cancer deaths among man & 80% among women. Over 90% of patients with oral cancer use tobacco by either smoking or chewing it.

Many hazardous substances like Nicotine, Tar, Volatile aldehydes, nitrosamines have been identified in tobacco. More than 4000 hazardous chemicals are also used in tobacco, which is the main cause of Lung Cancer Death among people.

Tobacco problem is more in India as on date 142 million(50%) man & 72 million (10%) women use tobacco. India is rated 3rd largest producer of raw tobacco and 6 million people are engaged in tobacco production. There have also 70 cigarette & 1,000 gutkha and paan masala manufacturing units we found in India.

31st May 2009 as “World No Tobacco Day 2009” is a prayas of UNO to aware people about the negative side of using tobacco. It’s through picture warnings Govt. make a prayas to make people aware of the health risks of tobacco use and convincing them to quit. More and more countries are fighting back against the epidemic of tobacco, having a hope to reduce the ill factors.


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