Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Poverty & The Role of Civil Society

Civil Society
Civil Society is consisting of civic members. It may be the Institutional or non institutional form to take care of the problems associated with the victims of the problems associated with the victims of the locality & which can be addressed strategically to find-out the root cause & in a scientific solution to it.

When starvation, hunger, poverty threat the whole society, Government make plans to provide social security but when failed it welcome to the civil society. It was on 1860, civil society functioning for the 1st time. The civil societies are basically recognized one Government affiliation for its remarkable social reconstruction objectives. Considering the facts, government has pleased to register those societies which are committed with its clear-out goal & objectives for the betterment of the society.

The person who earn more than 17,500 in a year is called a person with poverty. Poverty is a relative term which refers to a meaning helplessness/inability to fulfill fundamental necessities & amenities to maintain a minimum enjoyable standard of human life in the locality in comparison with others.

Civil society & poverty
Poverty we found within the society & to eradicate the poverty civil societies are playing a viortal role. Civil Society is the only welfare organization which help people to be unable to come out of the social evils and fight against negative forces which hinder her/him in achieving self-design goal & objectives within her/his own resources.

Poverty & Civil Society relation into 3 categories
3.Human resources

1. Cash, poverty & civil society
Under the regular income of a person if its not helpful to fulfill her/his basic necessities such as afford food, cloth, maintenance of shelter along with help health-seeking behaviour to keep it in a sound states. That is called poverty due to lack of cash. It’s the civil society through providing free education, health facility, house & food & vocational training for their sustainable life can be help the poor people.

2. Resources, poverty & civil society
A person who is absolutely lack of transible & non-transible resources must get benefit through civil societies. Civil society may provide man-power, money, material resources & help people, aware them about the use of internal resources & guide them for getting benefit from the external resources. Poverty is the cause of lack of resource & civil society is the way to reduce poverty.

3. Human resources, poverty & civil society
Human resources means the resources which are essential for ones livelihood. A person if proved himself to be resourceful & protect himself for her/his survival stay apart from struggle, enjoy her/his life & human rights without inviting any problem is called a person with human resources. Through educating people about their right & available sources within the society for their livelihood, the civic members can reduce poverty in some extent.

Classification of poverty & civil society
1. Poverty related to food
2. Poverty related to afford
3. Poverty related to identify crisis


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