Thursday, April 30, 2009

Practice of Polygyny

Polygyny is a form of marriage in which one man marries more than one woman at a given time. Generally the practice of having more than one wife at a one time is called polygyny or where a male has more than one recognized female sexual partners or wife at the one time.

It had practiced more in ancient civilization. Though today Hindu Law is very strictly make provisions against polygyny, today too its widely spread among primitive tribes. Its mainly practiced among the Gondos of India, African Nigros, Cirow tribes, Eskimo tribes etc.

have so many causes which leads to Polygyny are as following:

More women less men
Polygyny becomes a natural practice whenever there is a access of females over males. Its usually practice due to imbalance of sex ratio. Due to female foeticides, women atrocities the number of female quite reduce which is the cause of polygyny.

Economic advantage
Some of the African tribes practice polygyny for economic reason. In that type of tribes women have contribute income to the family by various means. Some time the 1st wife compel the husband to go for second marriage so that she can reduce her load of work at home.

Women as bodges of distinction
A man’s social status has often measure in terms of numbers of wife that he has. In some communities people think that greater the number of women greater the prestige.

Sex is a biological phenomena
Constancy of sex urge is the natural urge of male. Man have the sex stimulation throughout the year and polygyny provides them an opportunity to enjoy sex life, mainly during pregnancy 0f wife.

Childlessness/infertility is one of the important cause leads to polygyny. In the Hindu culture it has a legend that the male child have given pinda to the parents, after they die. So to get Moksha generally people are going for polygyny.

Taste for variety
Generally male persons are go for several women because to taste for variety, it's one type of recreation. Mainly in the State of Rajastan, Punjab, Haryana, Bihar & Odisha we found thes types of practice.


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