Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Importance of Family Counselling Centre

Counselling is an interpersonal process through which guidance & support has given to a person with psychosocial problems. In simple means counseling is to provide professional, psychological help to the distressed person in a professional manner. Counselling is an act of assistance has provided to a person in difficulty & seeks out someone in whom she/he has confidence for advice & guidance.

Origin of Family Counseling Centre (FCC):
Calcutta University enjoys the privilege of being the first India University to introduce guidance as a section of its department of applied psychology in 1938.

Meaning of FCC:
Family counseling centre is a cell to settle up the family disputes & restore conjugal life by way of mutual understanding.It committed to serving all women who are victims of atrocities.Family counseling centre provides the strength, skills & confidence to deal with life’s challenges & opportunities.

Objective of FCC:
  • To identify the root cause of victims present situation
  • To provide preventive, curative & rehabilitative services to the person with distress
  • To reduce the emotional distress & dis-functional behavior of the clientTo develop her/his potential capacity
  • To assist the client to make important personal decisions

Role of Counselor:

  • Role as advisorSupport service provider
  • Facilitator
  • Motivator
  • Advocacy
  • Counselling

Principles of FCC:

  • Make a friendly relation with the respondent
  • Accept the client as a person not as a case
  • Patientfully listen the victims problem
  • Having relying on victims opinion
  • Provide emotional support service to the client
  • Tackle every situation in a positive way
  • Go to the depth of the situation
  • Go for family visit if its necessary
  • Find-out the ways to provide proper justice to the person Stay in contact with the client until they don’t get justice


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