Sunday, March 15, 2009

Philosophy of Bhakti Movement

Bhakti Movement constitutes a very important chapter in the socio-cultural history of India. The movement started in 9th Century A.D by Shankaracharya which continued upto 16th century A.D by a number of Hindu Devotees, preachers & social reforms.

The word Bhakti is a very familiar word in the Hindu religious system. It’s derived from the Sanskrit word Bhaja which means “to Utter”. Some other said its meaning as 'to adore or to love' with honour. Thus in general sense Bhakti means “Devotion to God”.

The philosophy of Bhakti Movement:

  • Bhaki movement centred round monotheism or the worship of one God. Ram & Rahim, Iswar & Allah are same but different names of one God that is the Supreme God.
  • It give emphasis to bhakta or devotion to God as the only means to achieve Salvation.
  • A true Guru is the main source to attain God. She/he alone can show the path of light to reach in the proper destination.
  • Equality among men or universal brotherhood is another cardinal philosophy of the Bhakti movement.


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