Saturday, March 28, 2009

Differences between Govt. & NGOs

The basis of every Governmental & Non governemental organizations are social. They aim to set up "a society based on equality" and running according to the principles of "Sarvajana Hitaya, sarvajana sukhaya" means progress & prosperity for all. But there have some of differences we found between Govt. & NGO sectors as
  1. NGOs are registered body whereas Government have registering authority
  2. There have office set-up in NGOs but Govt. appoint office staffs according to the will of the authority
  3. NGO bearers can change whereas there have transfer system in the Government sector.
  4. NGOs based on voluntary action but Governmental officers are working for payment
  5. There have non-formal recruitment in NGOs but in the Govt. sector, to select someone it must be approved by the higher authority
  6. NGOs are govern by their own principles and the Govt. offices by the Govt. rules
  7. Management enjoy discretionary privileges in NGOs but the Govt. employees enjoy specific privileges
  8. NGOs are non-profit making where as Govt. is a profit making body
  9. NGO should verified through audit and the Governmental offices are check-listed by its higher authority
  10. NGO s are for social benefits. Funding should be granted & utilized for the common people for immediate action whereas in Govt. there have a future security & pension scheme
  11. NGOs are working with the people whereas Govt. is working for the people
  12. There have no specific time limit to help the people in the NGO sector but in the Govt. sector office bearers must work within a specific time frame


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