Sunday, March 8, 2009

Status of Women

Women for centuries have been subjected to humiliation of one sort of the other. They were treated like ‘ Dependent’ through out their life.

The persistence in India of cultural practices that discriminate against girls & women means not only the abuse of but, finally the deaths of countless women. The girl child faces a hostile environment even in the womb.

If a girl child is lucky enough to be born, she experience discrimination in her infant. Studies have been shown as 12% mortality rate among girls under one year old and 8% morality rate amongst girl under five years old. Sexual abuse of girl & women in families is common because both she & her families has considered to have been shamed. Only rarely have rape cases come to public notice.

Most Indian girls are married between the ages of 16 to 20. they have to perform the role of wife, daughter- in law & mother. The model wife is taught that she must be ready to sacrifice her life for the honor of her husband & her family name.

The problem of women trafficking, prostitution & sexual abuse has existed for a long time but has been aggravated in modern time due to increase in economic & social stress caused by rapid Industrialization, break up of community life & changes in value system.

  • A Unicef report said that in every 26 minutes a women is molested.
  • In every 34 minutes a rape takes place.
  • In every 42 minutes a sexual harassment incident occurs.
  • In every 43 minutes a women is kidnapped. And in every 93 minutes a women is burnt to death over dowry.

Out of the total population, 120 million are women who live in a object poverty. From a global perspective, India accounts for 19% of all live births & 27% of all maternal deaths. The death of young girls in India exceeds those of young boys by over 3,00,000 each year & every 6th infant death is specifically due to gender discrimination.

In India only 32% female are getting higher education where its 68% in case of male. A Unicef report say that 7,000 female babies are eliminated in India each day.

According to the economist & winner of Nobel prize Mr. Amartya sen (in 1990), only in south Asian country there have 50 million women are missing, getting willed, suffering as victims or surviving the violence.
So there have no means to celebrate the Women's Day, if we don't bring any positive changes & give smile to the women.


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