Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Status of Women in Global Scenario (2007 Human Rights Report)

The Global Official record says that-
  1. 62 Million girls under age 15 don't go to school
  2. 96 Million young young women between the age of 15-24 are Illiterate
  3. 7.3 Million young women are living with HIV/AIDS
  4. Two thirds of newly infected youth in sub sahara Africa are Females
  5. 14 Million females aged 15-19 give birth each year
  6. More than 70,00,00 teenage girls are married each day in many countries before the age of 18 years
  7. 450 Million adult women are stunted from childhood protein malnutrition
  8. 9.6 Million girls are hazardous labourer including slavery, prostition and armed conflict
  9. In India every day 7,ooo female foetus has taken place
  10. In India more than 25 Million female are working as sexual worker. From which 25% are came into the profession between the age of 14-18


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