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Gender Bias In Indian Society

Gender we means male or female. But today the concept of Gender is change. According to the new concept 'Either male or female called as gender according to their social & cultural role and responsibility within the society & family.

Gender Bias:
Gender bias means discrimination over sex. Gender bias is a separation of gender in a way which prefers one sex over the other. It is called as a negative perception of a male and female.

Gender bias is defined as "preference or inclination that inhibits impartiality or prejudice".

The factor leads to Gender Bias:

  1. Male preference starts before birth
  2. gender bias in Higher study
  3. Infertility
  4. Right of women over decision making
  5. absence of freedom
  6. Crime against women
  7. Poverty
  8. Absence of employment opportunity
  9. Disease & other health hazards

Male preference starts before birth:
In India generally people are going for second child if the 1st is a female but if the 1st or 2nd child is a male then they prefer abortion. If by the test it is knowing that the coming baby is a boy than that pregnant lady get well treatment & caring. But it is different in the case of a female.
In South Korea, nearly 80,000 female foetus were aborted between 1986-89. In India only everyday minimum 7000 female foetus are aborted. In Haryana there have male preference is more than to females. So the sex ratio is 861-1000 and very surprisingly it is 798-1000. This abortions are the cause of male preference.

Gender bias in higher studies:
Either for poverty, social stigma or the fear of crime as rape, prostitution & trafficking, they are staying apart from getting higher education. the families are sawing less interest to encourage girl child for higher education as IIT.

In the Indian Society if a women is unable to conceive a baby after one year of married sexual life, that is called Infertility. In this case both male & female are responsible, but initially in that case only the female partners are answerable or blamed.

Right over decision making:
Generally in our society a adolescence women have little right over sexual & reproductive decision making. Most of the time to conceive a baby the decision of male partner is taking into account. The normal drive that is sex drive is a desire for both partners. But it is usually found that the male partner always take advantage during this act. Even in decision making procedure within the home they are given less concern.

Absence of freedom:
Female don't enjoy as much freedom and liberty as man. It is observe that women have always depend on their parents before marriage & after they get married they depends upon their husband & in laws.

Crime against women:
Women are the victims of crimes of numerous type at the hands of Man. They are abused & exploited mentally & physically. They are even burnt for dowry, victims of rape, prostitution, sexually harassment and trafficking.

Generally though the male partner of a family is so rich, many times we found that , the female partner don't get sufficient financial support which fulfil their basic needs because they are the home-makers.

Absence of employment opportunity:
Unemployment is the most serious problem faced by the women. There is always a lack of job for the educated women. Today also in the Army sector they don't get the facility to work in defence.
In many of Official sector, they are exploited by their official staffs. In some other States as Bihar, Haryana, Jaipur or in the country Pakistan till now female are deprived from employment due to social stigma & atrocities.

Disease & other health hazards:
There have a Gender Bias in the field of caring. Generally females are getting less importance in the field of health after & before marriage. Mainly they live in stress, strain & anxiety. Female are being weak for lack of proper nutrition & care. In Indian society generally in case of poverty, a wife always desires that the available resource be utilized for the care of her husband & family. So many times she may be hidden her personal problems. That's why Gender Bias is called as ones own negative perception which dominate oneself.


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